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Ep 1 - Introducing the Property Invest Mate Podcast

Ep 1 - Introducing the Property Invest Mate Podcast

In this introductory episode of the Property Invest Mate podcast, host Mauricio from Yesi Education dives into the world of property investing in Australia, specifically from the perspective of the average investor. Mauricio emphasizes that this podcast is not about high-cost courses or services, but about affordable and transparent education. Listeners will get a mix of free and paid episodes, offering straightforward insights and real experiences.

Mauricio shares his unique journey, starting from humble beginnings in Colombia to becoming a successful property investor in Australia. He highlights the importance of honest and practical advice, discussing both the opportunities and challenges of property investing. The podcast aims to demystify the process, address often-ignored issues, and provide actionable knowledge for everyday investors.

Tune in for a blend of personal stories, expert interviews, and no-nonsense discussions to help you navigate the Australian property market with confidence.

This podcast episode is brought to you by YESI EDUCATION.

Property Invest Mate
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